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I’m pretty sure this lecture happened somewhere about something


The other day (the specific date is unknown at this time) something happened on campus and someone, who is apparently important, spoke about something. I only wrote this article because my section editor told me to cover this story. I guess it’s some type of breaking news.

The lecture happened in McGuire but there was also something else going on in Reitz. I think the lecture was about something about some type of Jesuit values but I didn’t actually go to the lecture. Well, I did but I think I stayed for 10 minutes and then came back after I got Starbucks. The line was pretty long.

There was some guy talking about something. He was wearing a black suit. Oh wait, no, there were a lot of people speaking. They were all sitting at a long table. I’ve never seen anything like that before; it was definitely some type of a new lecture at Loyola. Interesting. They all seemed pretty serious.

Some lady wearing some type of dress thing was talking about some type of social reform. I liked her shoes. They were red. No, they were actually green, I think. I don’t know the topic, but I think they were all talking about something different.It seemed like it was pretty important. People were getting pretty into it.

I didn’t actually have the chance to interview anyone who spoke at the weirdly setup table but I talked to some students. The guy sitting next to me kept falling asleep, so I figured he’d be a great person to ask about the table-lecture thing. I asked what he thought of it and he said, “I thought it was great. It was really interesting to hear about all of those things. They really grabbed my attention and made me think. It was engaging.”

When I went to the bathroom, some girl in the stall next to me was talking on the phone with someone and she said the lecture was boring. We talked about it at the sink and we both agreed we had no clue what they were talking about.

I overheard these professors talking outside. They were upset about something. Some lady said she would love to start a protest since she was so mad. She said something about how she is a tenured professor and she is ordering the pickets next week. That probably would have been a fun interview, but I didn’t think my section editor would find that newsworthy.

So, um, I think everyone should have gone to the lecture. It wasn’t that fun, but I guess it was some type of cool topic. I think I’m going to also turn in this article for my journalism class paper. My professor might like it. Everyone should really go to the lecture. Well, it’s over with, but still. There might be another talk thing next week, but I have to check with my editor. Maybe it will be on the same topic.

Wait, no, there is one next week but it is in a different room so it has got to be a different topic. It is going to be somewhere in the Student Center, but I don’t know the exact location. It is on Wednesday or Thursday. I think they said it was around 8 p.m. I don’t know the name of it but you can probably find out from one of those flyers they hang up. I think I saw one by Starbucks.

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I’m pretty sure this lecture happened somewhere about something