Students Give their Opinions on the NBA Finals

At Loyola University Maryland, there are many passionate basketball fans. Some people around campus spend hours discussing the latest games and analyzing player performances—especially players on the club basketball team here at Loyola. In addition, many students around campus have strong feelings about the NBA Finals. 

The Finals are a tense time for many basketball fans, but this year it means something to Payton Rezanka ‘23. 

“Living in San Diego, I can feel a type of vibe from all around the country that the Lakers are going to take the NBA finals this year. The Lakers have heart, and our team is stacked” Rezanka said. “Having the goat on our team helps our chances of winning; it means a lot to me if we can get to this year’s finals. It is tough to think we would not win this year.” 

Many locals, like Chris Cottone ‘23, are heartbroken about the Washington Wizards not qualifying for the playoffs this year. It is the second year in a row that the Wizards have not qualified for the playoffs. 

Cottone said, “I am a big Wizards fan; after the recent slump in our program, I am heartbroken that we did not qualify for the playoffs this year, especially after winning our division in 2017. However, being the bandwagon I am, I will root for the Lakers to win it all. I know Lebron is on the team, and it would be great for him to win another championship.  

Milwaukee Native Harry Zeiders ‘23 is very confident about the Bucks this year. His faith is not misplaced, either. The Bucks had an impressive regular season, being ranked #1 going into this year’s postseason. 

Zeiders said, “I think the Bucks are going to go all the way this year, they have had an impressive regular season, and they were robbed last year of a final. I think they will have a very impressive postseason that will result in a championship this year.”

Tyler Russo ‘26 gave off extraordinary confidence and excitement for this postseason. After the Warriors won last year’s Finals in game six, his confidence remains high. The team, led by Steph Curry, is strong; he is the all-time leader in 3-point shots. 

Russo said, “Being from San Francisco, I have to say the Warriors. They have been playing well as a team, really finding their footing and playing as a team; there is no way they will not go all the way this year. They have been an impressive team with strong leaders and an even stronger fan base, and I cannot wait to see them sweep the Kings in the postseason for a statement.”