“Big Three” No More! “Big Two” Set to Take Over SGA Positions

Newly elected Student Body President Alexa Junikiewicz ‘24, and Student Body Vice President Remmi Shaw ‘25 will be the first team of two to be implementing change in Loyola’s Student Government Association (SGA). 

The previous SGA student body positions, Student Body President, Vice President of Social Affairs, and Vice President of Policy and Advocacy have officially transitioned to only two positions. The idea to create two positions instead of three executive positions has a history at Loyola. Until the 2006-2007 election, only two candidates served as executive SGA leaders. Loyola’s SGA is reverting to this guideline, and the new titles and roles for student body positions will be Student Body President and Vice President of Policy and Advocacy. The role of Vice President for Social Affairs has now been redirected and shifted to an executive position. 

However, this policy change was not officially implemented in the 2023 election. Candidates had the choice of whether they wanted to run as “Big Three” or “Big Two” for this election exclusively. Junikiewicz and Shaw were strategic as they campaigned with this new policy in mind. 

“I was very intentional with how I ran with big two versus big three. I didn’t want to run with anyone I wasn’t comfortable with. So, when Remmi and I talked, we discussed our mission and values,” Junikiewicz said. 

Elections, which took place from Feb. 22 to Feb. 24, produced increased results from the previous SGA election. According to this Instagram post, the voting results jumped from 619 in the spring of 2022 to 1,365 in the spring of 2023. These results showed Junikiewicz and Shaw as the Big Two winners—officially creating progress and change in the Loyola community.

Junikiewicz feels prepared to take on the role of Student Body President because of her past involvement in SGA. 

“This year I am the Chief Financial Officer. My position manages all the finances for the club, oversees all the director purchases and expenses as well as the class presidents, their assembly and the senate. I also work with the finance committee and with Student Engagement to process all of those finances. I don’t think there is any better role to come from—CFO to President.” 

With Junikiewicz’s background in working with a variety of SGA members and board members, she is excited to empower every student. 

“I definitely want to see the university and their students fulfill their fullest potential here on campus,” Junikiewicz said. “We have so many opportunities and I want all the aspirations, dreams, and visions of students to come to life and I’m excited to see that happen next year.”

Junikiewicz and her running mate and 2023 Student Body Vice President Shaw hope to capture a unique point of view, as they represent different class years. 

“Alexa and I work really well together and have always had a mutual sense of respect for one another. When the news came out that you could run as Big Two or Big Three this year it made our lives a lot easier because it made our decision to run almost a no brainer for us. We thought ‘Let’s just do it!’” Shaw said.

Shaw has previously worked on SGA as a member of the sophomore class assembly as the marketing and design director. She works to create class events and helps inform the class of 2025 about what is going on around campus. She also creates marketing graphics and campaigns for these events. Shaw is looking forward to her new position as Student Body Vice President. 

“My goal as VP is to make a better student environment for everybody and not just certain groups around campus. I think that hearing a lot of different voices makes me much more compelled to do full student body events and creating initiatives that helps students feel involved and like they have found a home here at Loyola.”

Together, Shaw and Junikiewicz can have the opportunity to implement positive changes on Loyola’s campus. 

“With Remmi, I think we will make a great team of listening to the students, tailoring to what the students need, and making sure everyone is heard and supported throughout all of next year,” Junikiewicz said.

If you’re interested in joining the SGA Executive board, there are a variety of open positions you can apply for. Visit the SGA Instagram page, @loyolamdsga, for more information. The deadline to apply is March 22.