WLOY Radio Celebrates 20 Years of Music


Enrique Muchacho

Bill Coveney (Left), first general manager of WLOY Loyola Radio, and John Devecka (right), operations manager of WLOY Loyola Radio

“I felt like I was returning home walking into the station today.” -Bill Coveney, first general manager of WLOY Loyola Radio

With its history dating back to the revival of the student radio station in 2003, WLOY Loyola Radio has been a source of local music at for the Loyola and Baltimore community. A special look at WLOY’s 20th anniversary celebration featuring a special audio clip about WLOY’s history and hopes for the future.


“I think it’s fantastic that the station got rebuilt because I know what happened in the 90s. Hearing that it got rebuilt, having John Devecka reach out to me and a lot of the original people of the station was fantastic. I’ve had a relationship with John now for many years. I was one of the original people who built the original station.” -Ed Stanley, Class of 1979, WLC-LCR night manager, and DJ