Loyola’s Housing Encourages Students to Find Roommates Now

Loyola’s housing application consists of a three-month process. From putting down a deposit to forming a roommate group and choosing where to live, Megan Young ‘26, said, “The process is extensive and time-consuming.”

Due dates for the housing process are spread out into three phases. This process begins on  Feb. 6, when Phase One of the application opens, and ends April 28, when students are provided their housing confirmation and assignment information. In total, the housing applications are open for more than two months. By now, students have completed Phase One by declaring their intent to live on campus next year and placing a deposit. Students are currently in Phase Two, and now working on creating a group to live with for the next academic year.

Phase Three begins when students are assigned their time to pick specific living assignments. Time slots will be emailed to students on March 30, and students will randomly be assigned a time. Students say the process is not always easy. It can be difficult to relax when roommates and living situations are uncertain or up in the air. Young, a first-year at Loyola, agrees with these feelings.

“Honestly, I am stressed about housing. It’s such a long process and student life can be unclear about processes and due dates,” Young said.

The housing applications are directed by Loyola’s Student Life office. The process is also covered and outlined in Loyola’s Messina enrichment program, in order to aid students with the process. 

Garrison Schmitt, Loyola’s Assistant Director for Housing Operations, recognizes the stress that is present among students during this process.

“Housing is a long process and many folks battle with who they should live with. I think communication is important through every step of the housing process,” Schmitt said.

After the initial first step of putting down a housing deposit, the second stage, which consists of finalizing a roommate group commences. Finding a roommate is a large part of this process, and students are faced with the decision of who they’re going to live with.

“Going random is not an option. The alternative is finding a roommate through the RoomRez portal based on the roommate questionnaire,” Schmitt said.

For any student — first-year, sophomore, or junior—this option can be used to find fellow students without a roommate and connect with them. Tools are created by Loyola’s Student Life in order to aid with stress and help students. Students are encouraged to think about their living habits and search for a roommate with similar living habits.

“The second stage of housing tends to be the most stressful for the majority of students,” said Schmitt. “Student Life assists by providing a sixty-page instructional guide to help students navigate the process.”

However, the long process of housing is not the only stressor for students.

“I have heard rumors and speculation that housing will be changing next year. I’ve heard that where I might live will change because of our large class size,” Young said.

With rumors being spread, Schmitt believes it’s important to set the record straight.

“We don’t anticipate finding more housing,” Schmitt said. “We do plan on returning the Southwell dorms to upperclassman housing—what they were used for before. At Student Life, we had to do some adjusting because of the large class size but the buildings will be returning to their previous use.”

The housing process at Loyola is a long and extensive one. However, as Schmitt remarks: “It’s definitely a marathon, not a sprint.”

The following is a list of deadlines for Phase Three of housing:

March 30, 2023: Lottery times emailed to Loyola students.

April 13, 2023: Room selection for groups that include rising seniors.

April 24, 2023: Room selection for groups that include rising juniors.

April 18, 2023: Room selection for groups that include rising sophomores.

April 28, 2023: Housing assignment confirmation and move-in information communicated to students.

To learn more about student life and the housing process, visit their website.