Television Can Be Social Too?

So apparently, all of that habitual tweeting we do during our favorite prime time guilty pleasure actually does make legitimate noise in the television industry; Twitter™ is now the new “free-advertising” of today’s hottest and most watched television shows. Nielsen, the top global information and measurement company providing insights, market research and data about what people watch and buy, has decided to officially take on Twitter™ as its new official tool of measurement. So basically, any “tweet” concerning tonight’s anticipated Walking Dead episode will now be used in Nielsen’s account of how many viewers there were and how many liked what they saw; no executives or paid specialists, just us and our smart devices. Nielsen not only noticed that Twitter™was an amazingly direct way to uncover the true opinions of viewers, but that it was also an effective way for word to really spread about new and old shows to watch; not only were there more than 1.2 million posts made about the finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad, but those tweets had reached over 9 million viewers: talk about get the word out! -(NY Times) Not only does this mean that viewers will have more of a direct affect on the success of our favorite shows through opinions but Nielsen executives suggest that this merge will become so influential that TV Shows will also want to display their “Twitter TV Ratings” like they already do with broadcast ratings. What else does this mean? The personalities behind these shows can participate as well; an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live had reached the Top Ten thanks to Kimmel’s casual Twitter-feud with Hip Hop royalty Kanye West. Let’s just hope Kanye leaves us be when we tweet about tomorrow night’s episode of The Voice, my friend tweeted that it’s supposed to be a good one.