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Self-defense class offered for females

The Department of Public Safety will be hosting a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Women’s Self-Defense program in the coming weeks. It is a 12-hour program that is divided into four classes, each three hours long.

Although Loyola University works efficiently to keep their students safe and out of harm’s way, danger can strike at any moment and it is necessary to be prepared to defend yourself. The program is led by Rose Devon, who has been an instructor since 1999. Devon agrees that self-defense is a very important tactic. She said, “Using the avoidance techniques and reacting quickly in physical situations has helped me and kept me from bad situations. I have had students tell me how they reacted quickly to get away from someone that was threatening them before things got out of hand.”

This particular program is geared specifically toward women, which begs the question: Are women in greater danger than men? When this question was presented to Devon she responded, “This RAD program is geared toward women because it is Rape Aggression Defense. Women are more likely to be abducted or overpowered for this purpose. While men can be victims also, the RAD training for them is a little different. There is a RAD program for men, children and seniors also.”

As women of this generation become more and more independent, it is crucial to know how to defend yourself against any threatening offender. In Baltimore, the city Loyola students call home, there are a number of areas where crime is frequent. Thus, students need to be cautious and aware of their surroundings in order to ensure their safety. Devon suggests the best option is to try to avoid these dangerous areas if possible and to travel in groups. “Avoidance is our biggest defense and we stress that. Getting and being around witnesses can also scare off a perpetrator,” said Devon.

When a threat arises, it is very important to have a quick reaction time. The RAD Women’s Self-Defense program teaches you how to protect yourself correctly and swiftly, almost as a second nature response. During the course, women will be taught the correct execution of various physical defenses, such as punching or kicking. Also, women are shown the most vulnerable places on the body to aim for if they are being attacked.

By the end of this program, women know how to react confidently and quickly. “The last day of the program we have a RAD trained instructor come in wearing a protective suit, the students also wear protective gear, and the students participate in self-defense simulations. Students love this part. It gives them a chance to experience a physical confrontation in a safe environment. Some students are really surprised by how well they react and put their training to good use,” said Devon.

The classes will be held in the Avila Court Lounge on October 21, 23, 28 and 30. Each session begins at 6:00 p.m. and concludes at 9:00 p.m.

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Self-defense class offered for females