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Best European breweries to see while studying abroad

It doesn’t matter what year you are: study abroad is on nearly everyone’s mind. First year students are just beginning to research their options. Sophomores are attending information sessions and preparing to apply for programs by December. Juniors are either already abroad, eagerly anticipating next semester or living vicariously through their friend’s adventures. Seniors who went abroad last year are attempting to relive their experience via some serious Facebook stalking and advising their junior friends where to go and what to see.

Sure to make the list of places to go while abroad are some of the world’s oldest, most famous breweries.  Several of Loyola’s abroad programs are home to such sites, including the cities of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Cork, Glasgow and Leuven.

Whether you’re studying in one of these cities, hoping to or planning to visit one day, here’s a look at where to get some of the best beer abroad:


Amsterdam’s Heineken Experience

Located just 1.7 km from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam campus is the Heineken Experience. Heineken is a popular pale lager beer of Dutch origin that has been around since 1873.

The “experience” is billed as a “sensational interactive tour” through the company’s old brewery, which remained in use for over 100 years. It is a 90-minute, self-guided tour, but knowledgeable staff members are stationed throughout to give attendees information on the history of all things Heineken. Tickets are 16 euros.


Copenhagen’s Carlsberg Brewery 

This brewery is of particular personal interest, as I will be leaving for Copenhagen in January and am already planning a day trip to Carlsberg.

Less than 4 km from the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Carlsberg Brewery offers guided tours to the public. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and covers the brewery’s history, from 1847 to present. There are four options of different tours, for example, one focuses on a tour of the cellars and one tours both the Old and New Carlsberg facilities. The trip will cost about 115 kronor and will be well worth it, I’m sure. I can’t wait to try my first Carlsberg lager in a city that has produced it for more than 150 years!


Cork’s Beamish & 

Crawford Brewery

Founded in 1792, the Beamish and Crawford Brewery is located only 2.6 km away from University College Cork.

Although the brewery closed in 2009 and moved production elsewhere, this location is still open for tours. Beamish & Crawford is known for its Beamish Stout; the classic dark beer is no longer distributed outside of Ireland, so be sure to try some while you’re there. The tour will cost about 7 euros.


Glasgow’s Wellpark Brewery

Wellpark Brewery is situated just over 4 km from the campus of the University of Glasgow.

The brewery was founded by the Tennent brothers in 1740, which explains the name of their most famous brew: Tennent’s Lager. This pale ale—one of Scotland’s most popular—wasn’t actually produced until the late 19th century, but chose to honor the founders with its name.

Inside, the place looks quite quirky and eclectic. The brewery welcomes the public for tours, with specially priced student tickets at only 6 pounds.


Leuven’s Stella Artois Brewery

This particular brew is one with a very long history. According to their website, the beer was first brewed in Leuven as early as 1366 at the Den Hoorn Brewery in Leuven.

Although that facility has since been renovated and repurposed, you can visit the current Stella brewery, located about 4 km from Katholieke Universiteit. There are five different types of tours to choose from, each costing about 8.50 euros.


For those of you who have yet to depart, be sure to pencil a brewery tour into your schedules. Although the pint may not last very long, the mates you share it with might just be for life.



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Best European breweries to see while studying abroad