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Inauguration Week Recap: Fireworks and fun as Loyola students celebrate President Sawyer

Inauguration Week Recap: Fireworks and fun as Loyola students celebrate President Sawyer

Last Monday night, students watched as the Evergreen quad was lit up with crackling fireworks
and a bright light show to start the week of President Terrence Sawyer’s inauguration. Student
Engagement presented the student celebration with walking tacos, corn dogs, and popcorn
stations for all students to enjoy, as well as beverages and a special giveaway of color-changing
cups printed with the Loyola emblem.

Catering department member Mike Polstan said,“We’ve been working on it for about a week
now. This one was very important, for the president, every event for him is very important.”
The student celebration also featured a performance from the Kelly Bell Band, a Baltimore,
Maryland-based blues group. Their hourlong set featured upbeat original music which
bandleader Kelly Bell referred to throughout the night as “phat blues.” Students watched the
concert from the grass while others, at the invitation of the band, danced along to the music in
front of the stage, which had been built outside of Maryland Hall.

Meredith Terranova ‘26 thoroughly enjoyed the Kelly Bell Band’s performance. Terranova said,
“They hyped everyone up and it was so fun. I think my favorite part was dancing.”

The Guest of honor, President Sawyer, attended the event alongside his wife, three sons, and two
dogs. Decked out in Loyola gear, President Sawyer spoke to and posed for pictures with
members of the community as he observed the festivities.

“He’s brought everything we need to Loyola, he has diversity, he has inclusion, he has, like,
fun,” Terranova said about President Sawyer. “I’ve talked to him many times and he’s such a
good person. He’s so caring and kind and I think he’s gonna be really great for this school and
bringing us all together.”

Senior Class President Trinity Riggle ‘23 was also eager about Sawyer’s inauguration.
Riggle said, “It’s so exciting to be at Loyola when such a historic event is taking place, the 25th
President! I feel grateful I got to experience the festivities of last week and I’m excited to see
what Terry Sawyer has to offer to the Loyola community.”

The student celebration not only honored President Sawyer but brought a sense of community to
the student body. Conversation and laughter could be heard over the music as students gathered
together to enjoy the night.

After the band sang their last song, fireworks were set off for students to watch above the student
center. The fireworks were accompanied by a light show, displaying colored spirals and designs
on the trees lining the quad.

Student Engagement’s Program Assistant, Brendan Sweeney ‘21, said that the office of Student
Engagement wanted to get the community excited for President Sawyer’s inauguration and
convey just how big of a deal this is to a university.

“Loyola has recently seen a trend of presidents that stick around ten years or more, which isn’t
typical when compared to other universities,” Sweeney said. “We wanted to make sure this was a
time of great celebration within our community and hoped a night out on the quad would start
the week off with a literal bang.”

Sweeney added that when working as a program assistant, he only gets so much time talking to
students one-on-one so it can be hard to read how excited everyone is for events like this.
However, Sweeney was pleased to see lots of students out on the quad.

“When I showed up Monday night and saw blankets set up and massive lines for the food, I
knew we were in for a great night,” Sweeney said. “Hearing a massive crowd of students
cheering Terry’s name as fireworks lit up the sky was a great way to start off a week of

Riggle agreed saying, “The celebrations on Monday for President Sawyer were much bigger than
I expected. Student engagement really outdid themselves! The food was great and the fireworks
were amazing.”

Maddie Homes ‘25 said, “I thought the event was fun and it was really nice to see so many
members of the Loyola community out on the quad. It made me excited for what is to come with
Terry Sawyer as our president.” Mark Salanger ‘23 felt that the student celebration was a
phenomenal kickoff to the rest of the inaugural events.

Mark Salanger ‘23 thought that the student celebrations was a phenomenal kickoff to the

Salanger said, “The sense of excitement and pride among students as the fireworks and lights
illuminated the quad really reinforced how integral community is to Loyola.”

As the display came to a close, students on the lawn began to chant, “Terry,” welcoming the
incoming president and showing their excitement for President Sawyer and his inauguration into


Featured Image Courtesy of Rebecca Aurigemma

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Inauguration Week Recap: Fireworks and fun as Loyola students celebrate President Sawyer