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An Optimistic Air Guides President Sawyer’s Inauguration


Smiles, food, and anticipation flooded Loyola’s Evergreen Campus last week as Terrence M. Sawyer, J.D., was formally inaugurated as Loyola’s 25th president. 

Imbued with green hues and roaring applause, Reitz Arena was almost filled to capacity to celebrate the inauguration of Loyola’s first lay president. A procession of robed professors, student-leaders, faculty, priests, and other distinguished guests split the flanking sea of people who came to appreciate this moment. Once seated, the ceremony began with rounds of introductions for President Sawyer by different sectors of the Loyola community.

Convened by Dr. Cheryl Moore-Thomas, each consecutive speech functioned as a brushstroke that ultimately painted a mural of community-wide approval of Sawyer’s appointment.

Reverend Gregory C. Chisholm said, “So, bless President Sawyer, dear God, guard him in all his ways. Give him the peace, the humility, the happiness, the strength of mind and the strength of body, the love, and the faith he will need to do your will at Loyola University Maryland.” 

After introductions, Sawyer took his place behind the podium to wild student chants of, “Terry, Terry, Terry!” The theme of his speech was an appreciation for the community that has welcomed him and his family for over 23 years. Three goals guide his plan to make Loyola the place where a Jesuit education may be best accomplished.

In his inauguration speech, Sawyer said he hopes to facilitate a community where members can create and sustain authentic relationships, where brave and ethical leaders can develop, and where opportunities to be bold are not neglected.

Sawyer said, “I believe in us. And I believe in the amazing things we will do together in the years ahead.” 

Students and guests seemed to have an overall positive response to the inauguration ceremony. The COVID-19 pandemic left many feeling disconnected from campus and the inauguration ceremonies brought some students together in the closest proximity in two years. Students spent the few days before the inauguration engaged in activities that brought them closer in more than just a physical sense.

Grace Gleason ’23 said, “It’s exciting, feeling part of Loyola. I always do, but I feel like a part of the community.”

Other students shared similar sentiments. Loyola’s Student Body President Claire Perkins ‘23 said, “It’s great to see the community coming together in the quad.”

Sawyer’s son, Ryan, was one of the president’s many family members in attendance for the celebrations. Speaking about his father, he said, “He’s worked here for longer than I’ve been alive. It’s been home away from home, now it’s home.”

The sentiment toward President Sawyer’s appointment is similarly optimistic. Students and faculty spoke kindly about his nature and ability to drive Loyola forward.

Alexa Therien ‘25, a member of the women’s basketball team said, “President Sawyer comes to the games, he’s very supportive. He’s happy to do everything.”

Now that festivities have ended, students say it remains up to President Sawyer and the dedicated members of the Loyola community to act on the anticipation built up by the start of a new era on campus and a better Loyola.

Jack McCormick ’23 said, “It’s nice for Loyola to have someone to believe in. There’s still work to be done, but President Sawyer is with us every step.”

Featured Image Courtesy of Enrique Muchacho

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An Optimistic Air Guides President Sawyer’s Inauguration