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Harry Styles is “Golden”


Without a doubt, 2020 has been an incredibly confusing and difficult year, but Harry Styles has come to ease our minds and warm our hearts with his new music video for his song, “Golden.” If you don’t know Styles now, I can guarantee that you will instantly fall head over heels once you see his new music video, complete with Italian aesthetics to die for. 

Styles is a well-known, multitalented singer-songwriter that got his start from the boy band, One Direction. After several albums and tours, the group split up in 2015 and some (not all) began their solo careers soon after. Styles is easily considered one of the most successful soloists from the group. 

Since his departure from the boy band, Styles has released two studio albums: “Harry Styles” (2017) and “Fine Line” (2019). The latest album from Styles, “Fine Line,” includes his hit singles: “Lights Up,” “Adore You,” and “Watermelon Sugar,” all of which have their respective music videos and maximized radio airplay since their releases. “Golden,” despite its video released months after the album, is the opening song on “Fine Line.” The song has a catchy and upbeat melody and drums to hook the listener into Styles’ feel-good vibes.

On Oct. 26, quite spontaneously, Styles released the music video for “Golden.” The music video opens with Styles running majestically through the streets of Italy as if he were running to find his one true love. The video takes the viewer along on a dreamy journey as we watch Styles sing about the trials of loving someone who might not be ready yet. The cinematography and aesthetics of the music video truly encapsulated the glowy romanticism of the song. 

Styles is seen running and driving on the open streets of Italy as he sings the titular lyrics: “You’re so golden/  You’re so golden/  I’m out of my head/ And I know that you’re scared / Because hearts get broken.” 

Not only is the cinematography of the music video mesmerizing, but the outfits that Styles wears in each scene are stunning. For example, in the opening scene, Styles is wearing an unbuttoned, white flowy top, and as the music video continues we see him change into a striped button-up shirt with a blue blazer, white gloves, and checkers pants. Lastly, he is seen shirtless in what appears to be a cave while wearing flare tan pants. Styles has an aesthetic that resembles his latest album and his music taste which can be categorized as carefree, ethereal, and ahead of its time. 

Harry Styles’ latest album “Fine Line” is available on all platforms and his music video for the song “Golden” is available to watch on Youtube.

Featured Image courtesy of HusariaAgatka via Flickr Creative Commons

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Harry Styles is “Golden”