Negative COVID-19 test required prior to arriving on campus

Negative COVID-19 test required prior to arriving on campus

On July 30, Student Health Services announced, via email, that the University is requiring evidence of a negative COVID-19 test before a student can arrive on campus. The test must be a viral test, not an antibody test, and it must be administered within 14 days prior to the student’s return. 

The mandate includes all students with any in-person contact with the campus, including those living at Loyola, those commuting, and graduate students whose programs are not entirely online. Students who test positive will not be allowed on campus until they are free of symptoms and cleared by their healthcare provider. 

Student Health Services advised students to contact their health care provider or visit their state or local health department’s website to find out more about testing options within their community. 

Student Health Services also expects that Loyola students will self-quarantine for 14 days prior to their arrival on campus. Students must stay home during this time, with the exception of leaving to receive their COVID-19 test. Should a student develop “COVID-like” symptoms in quarantine, including a fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, they should contact their health care provider. 

All students are required to visit the Healthy Hounds site as they prepare to arrive on campus. There, they can find more information about signing the required “Healthy Hound” pledge. Additional information about the pledge will be included in an upcoming COVID-19 Safety and Awareness Training, according to the email.

Additionally, a daily COVID-19 screening app will be introduced to the Loyola community in the coming weeks. As of now, Student Health Services is directing students to the Student Health Services FAQs page for more information.