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Declawing law in New York protects cats


New York state passed a historic law banning cat owners from declawing their cats this year. The debate on whether it is humane to declaw cats has been going on for decades, but why is it such a big deal? And if it is a big deal, then why are Americans just now starting to realize this procedure’s inhumaneness?

America is the only country that still allows the declawing of cats; or ethically we don’t care about it. Most countries consider it illegal or only perform it in extreme circumstances. These countries consider it similar to an amputation because while we say it’s the equivalent of getting your fingernails cut off, it’s really like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle,” according to the Human Society. And all for what? So your cat doesn’t scratch up a carpet or some furniture? 

And like any other veterinary procedure, declawing isn’t cheap. It can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars. So some pet owners would rather pay that price than pay for cat scratchers or cat declawing alternatives, like nail caps, which prevents cats from scratching but allows them to keep their claws.

Even if you’re not a cat person, if you hate cats, or if you think cats only exist as clickbait or internet propaganda for the masses; the least you can do is agree that no living thing deserves to walk around on stumps because the people that claim to love them don’t want them scratching up something that can be replaced. 

Photo courtesy Larkin Veternary Center website.

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Declawing law in New York protects cats