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Back in the Grind

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One of the hardest things about coming back to school after a long break full of sugar cookies, Christmas dinner leftovers and late-night Netflix is getting back into the grind of school work.

The first thing, or last thing for some people, is to make sure you have all of your textbooks, either hardcopies or electronic versions designed for Nooks, which happen to be cheaper if you’re trying to save a buck.  Classes are, after all, the main reason you go to college and get a degree.  Most of Loyola’s population chose to come back to school the day before classes start, which means they don’t have much time to get books if you’re buying from the Loyola bookstore.  Usually, the lines are long, even if you preorder the books.  Plus, they are quite expensive.  There also is no guarantee that you’ll get the books you need; it’s possible for the bookstore to run out.  You definitely don’t want to start the semester off by being the person who doesn’t have their books past syllabus week.  The best thing to do is search online on Amazon, EBay or the most popular, Chegg, for your books.  This guarantees that you’ll get your hands on them and they’ll most likely be cheaper.

Another important thing to do is to get organized.  Everyone does this a bit differently.  For some it means making sure you have all the proper pens and graphite writing utensils, paper, TI calculators and notebooks.  For others it means making sure you have all the Ramen and Easy Mac you’ll need to last the semester along with the best computer games so you don’t get bored.  It is also a good idea to clean out any old clothes you don’t wear and make some space in your dorm; also clean out binders of old papers that you don’t use anymore.

Finding your own personal space can help you feel more calm and prepared for the work that is about to come.  It could be a secluded table in the library, lying in bed with the lights off or in a room with your closest friends.  Many people find comfort when they’re with groups of people or when they’re by themselves.

Building a schedule for the semester is very advantageous.  Writing down all of your weekly activities is easier to keep track of and follow rather than trying to remember it all.  Most students are members of clubs, bands and sport teams, and all of these meetings and practices add up over time.  Writing down your schedule will keep it all neat and tidy, and you won’t forget any meetings.  This will also keep surprises to a minimum.  It’s never fun going to lunch during rush hour, luckily finding a seat, and realizing you have to be at a meeting in five minutes…  Not only will you keep everything straight, but you will also look much more professional.

New classes allow you to meet new people and build your connections.  You can form study groups to help at exam time.  Getting caught up with old friends also will help get back into the grind.

Having three weeks of break can stunt the idea of time management, mainly because during those three breaks, students aren’t required to do anything; there are fewer responsibilities to be taken care of.  Upon returning to campus, it takes a few days to get back into the grind of managing work with play but soon it will seem natural.

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