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Loyola SuperFans Organization Strives to Increase School Spirit

Loyola SuperFans Organization Strives to Increase School Spirit

Many students on campus have a different take as to which organization on campus is their favorite and why. For Luke Thibeault ’23, it is SuperFans without any question. 

“SuperFans is my favorite hands down because of the free gear. The free giveaways are a nice incentive to attend sporting events on campus.” 

According to the official Loyola website, “Loyola SuperFans is a student organization that is dedicated to the promotion and publicity of the University’s athletics program and the support of student-athletes.” The main role of the SuperFans executive board, which is made up of students on campus, is finding creative ways to not only get the student body enthusiastic about sporting events on campus, but also create an atmosphere where everyone feels a part of the Loyola community. Matthew Marchini ’23 believes that the organization truly doesn’t get enough credit for its efforts.

“While we might not be the biggest sports school, SuperFans deserves a lot of credit for the work they put in and for the increase in turn out at games from year to year,” Marchini said.

The SuperFans organization holds various giveaways throughout the school year in an attempt to build excitement and anticipation around game days. Various items such as Loyola pajama pants and beach towels are given out to students at games, often running out before the games even begin. 

According to SuperFans president Megan Mahony ’23, “Superfans has a budget that is managed and funded by Student Engagement for giveaways that are spread out throughout the year. Giveaway items are ordered by our advisor from several different vendors.” 

This dedication to the student body may go unnoticed by those who are new to the Loyola community, but it is valued and a staple for those who have been at the university for years and have seen the school spirit develop over time. Giveaways are handed out at women’s soccer, men’s soccer, women’s basketball, men’s basketball, volleyball, women’s lacrosse, and men’s lacrosse games. 

It can often be a challenge getting students to attend women’s sporting events the same way men’s games are attended. According to Mahony, SuperFans is working very hard to address and get attendance up at women’s games. 

“We encourage students to support all student-athletes whenever possible. Game attendance varies, but our mission is to provide an equitable amount of support and resources for all teams on campus.”  

The overall goal for the SuperFans executive board this year is to cultivate a sense of community by increasing school spirit and creating an exciting game day atmosphere, according to Mahony. One of the ways they are focusing on doing this is by attempting to establish student section traditions.

“We have worked with Cheer and Dance to implement specific cheers for basketball games, like the “LET’S GO!” cheer,” Mahony said.

Many students who have been a part of the organization throughout their college career, rave about how much fun it is to be a part of the club and how inclusive everyone involved is. Mahony ’23 explained that SuperFans is open to everyone, regardless of year, major, or club involvement.

“Everyone is invited to sit in the student section and cheer on our sports team. Working closely with and through the SuperFans executive board has been a great outlet for leadership, while also being very fun.”

For more information or if you’re interested in joining Loyola’s SuperFans organization, you can visit SuperFans | Student Engagement | Loyola University Maryland.

Featured Image Courtesy of Hilton Carroll

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Loyola SuperFans Organization Strives to Increase School Spirit