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Elon Musk works to advance modern society


Behind the frenzied world of politics and the looming threat of war, a man has been working to bring science fiction to reality. He’s not intimidated by the limits of society or by the people around him who try to control his crazy ideas. He has the funds to change the world, and will readily do it. His name is Musk. Elon Musk. Nothing seems to stand in his way, even if the science he needs to complete is goals doesn’t exist yet. With a man so sporadic with his upcoming plans, it is hard to keep track of him. I believe that his companies are the key to innovation and progress in our current age, and may be able to address some of our most taxing issues today. Here are his most recent ventures.

Boring Company

Most recently, the inventive billionaire has placed a large tunnel beneath Los Angeles to create a brand new fast-paced form of transportation. Musk plans to use his new company, Boring Company, to elevate some of the heavy congestion that fills up major cities. Musk wrote on his personal Instagram that the new tunnel system “will work like a fast freeway, where electric skates carrying vehicles and people pods on the main artery travel up to 150 mph, and the skates switch to side tunnels to exit and enter.”


Taking a quick detour from his plans to colonize Mars in the upcoming years, Musk has made plans to use SpaceX’s developing technology to create a city-to-city rocket transport system. This new system could cut full hours off travel time from continent to continent. Using the concept of ballistic physics, the estimated time for such ventures could go from 12 hours by plane to 32 minutes by SpaceX. As Musk plans for inter-continental travel, his colonization plans speed ahead full force. SpaceX is acquiring the recently damaged launch-pad in Cape Canaveral for their exploits. Using Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Launch Complex 40, the company will launch their unmanned Dragon Spacecraft to the International Space Station as their 13th mission for NASA.


As one of Musk’s least developed projects, there is little information on the ideas and concepts of this new company. Neuralink is to create the first brain-computer interface (BCI), allowing people to control their devices merely by thought. BCIs have been used before to assist paralyzed people, so the concept isn’t exactly new. By placing a BCI into a small surface patch of the brain, paralyzed humans have been able to control robotic body parts with thought. With Musk’s ideas for BCI, the normal human could essentially become a cyborg. Musk’s BCI would introduce a “digital tertiary layer” to the human brain, allowing it to be able to transmit and receive signals from any part of the brain. This could allow humans to bypass language all together. While this idea is a little out there, it is simply just an idea…for now.

These are only three of Musk’s companies that are looking to change the way society functions. Musk also owns Tesla, SolarCity, and OpenAI, and with each one, he has already enhanced. Musk wants to change the course of humanity and further it, and with his recent advancements it is not hard to see him concurring such a venture. With so issues plaguing our planet, like environmental destruction, poverty, and tense political relations; we need more Musks now than ever to continuously improve on his advancements.

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Elon Musk works to advance modern society