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Scream Queens Review


scream queens openingFox’s new star-studded show this fall is “Scream Queens.” No, it’s not the VH1 reality show where contestants compete to star in a horror film, but a new series following the sequence of crimes at a deadly sorority house that recently opens up to pledges of all different backgrounds. The show stars Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis and Keke Palmer, among others. The stars of the show were, sadly, one of the more interesting elements of the teenage drama. “Scream Queens” is an interesting combination of “Glee,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and a little bit of “American Horror Story,” but unfortunately the plotline is one all too familiar to most modern TV watchers.

Beyond this point, the show is interesting…before I realized that the pilot was two hours long. The first hour was filled with mystery and suspense, but towards the end of the two-hour premiere, it began to get boring and the story line started getting predictable. Surprisingly, it was also mildly graphic, especially with the killing scenes. The satiric comedy in the show kept me laughing at most points, but this can come off as a bit insensitive due to the style of writing. A main character saying that the sorority house would be open to everyone including “fatties and ethnics” is definitely not okay to say.

This was one of the many ill-delivered lines within the show. All in all, I would give the show a mediocre 5/10. If you like


stylish clothes, mystery, celebrities, a sarcastic laugh and talking about the newest episode of a series with your friends, I recommend this. If you are looking for a more refined mystery series without the controversy, this may not be your first choice. Personally, I will definitely watch the next episode to see where the show is heading, content-wise. The first episode was interesting enough to either become one of my new guilty pleasures or my most hated show on TV. I hope to see more naturally funny jokes without the corny one-liners.

In case you wanted to see the premiere but forgot , check out “Scream Queens” on Tuesday nights at 8p.m. on FOX or check it out on Hulu!

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Scream Queens Review