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Eight Steps to Hosting the Best Friendsgiving



Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and though it is easily overshadowed by Christmas, it presents a great opportunity to gather with the friends and family you love, or at least sort of like. And what better way to celebrate something than through an abundance of food, good music and even better company in your closest friends? Here are some steps to follow so that you can have a Friendsgiving worth the envy of others.

  1. Pick a date and time

Whether you plan to have the party before Thanksgiving Break or during it, it may be a challenge to find a time when all of your friends are available to meet up. Start a dialogue and find a date that works best for everyone.

Note: Don’t worry if you can’t get it to happen until after Thanksgiving; a party is still a party no matter when it occurs!

  1. Send out invitations

Whether it’s a dinner for five or 15, send out an invitation at least a week in advance so that everyone can mark their calendars. Having one that isn’t through text message will help to keep the date fresh in your friends’ minds. If you’re feeling particularly artsy, have fun with this! Everybody loves a fancy invitation.

  1. Decorations

Designate one or two people as the décor masters. These can be as extravagant or simple as you please, from a few wall decorations or festive placemats to an entire matching table set complete with candles and snazzy napkins. Stores like Michaels and even Bed Bath and Beyond are great places to find reasonably priced decorations for any occasion.

  1. Split up the cooking

Friendsgiving wouldn’t be complete without a wide variety of delicious food, but you can’t expect the host to make it all. Elect each person to make a different dish, from the turkey to vegetable dishes and desserts. Make sure that the responsibilities are divided up evenly: as much as we all love dessert, you don’t want five pies and no stuffing.

  1. Wine, wine, and more wine

Wine is a great compliment to any meal and is even more enjoyable when drank with friends. Since this is only applicable to those who are of age, sparkling cider is a delicious, cheap alternative and is perfect for anyone who plans to drive home afterwards.

  1. Put your records on

Okay, you might not have a record player lying around, but this is where Spotify comes in handy. Pick the friend with the best taste in music to find a relaxing playlist that can play in the background as you chow down on some fantastic food.

  1. Party games don’t have to be lame

To spice things up and have a little fun, introduce some casual party games into the night. A good example that falls into the spirit of Thanksgiving involves each person writing down three things they’re thankful for. Once you finish, take turns trying to guess who wrote what. Though this can easily be made into a drinking game (21+), it also serves as an exciting way to see how well you know really your friends.

  1. Above all else, EAT

Why Thanksgiving frequently gets overlooked is beyond me, because how could you possibly ignore a holiday that revolves around food? Not everyone is crazy about stuffing or that odd jelly-like cranberry sauce (I for one am a fan…no shame), but there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Have some vegetarian friends? Make everyone expand their horizons and try out a tofurkey.

Note: When it’s all over and your food babies have made their presence known, have everybody help with the cleaning so the work can be done quickly and efficiently.

In the end, Friendsgiving is just a good excuse to spend quality time eating, drinking and laughing with some of your closest friends. If you’re thankful for nothing else, remember that there’s no embarrassing family members present or aunts asking you if you’ve found that “someone special.”

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Eight Steps to Hosting the Best Friendsgiving