Miley’s The Movement

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Last night, Miley Cyrus’s The Movement premiered on MTV. I am and will always be a huge Miley fan. Although she has probably scared away some fans by now, all I have to say is, were they ever true fans at all? Probably not. The Movement was brilliant. It was an opportunity for Miley to explain to everyone that she has not changed at all; she is the same person. However, she now feels that she can finally be that person who simply doesn’t care what people think about her. She goes for what she wants, not thinking about the consequences, but doing things because she can.

Although the heartbroken superstar did not mention Liam once, perhaps that was for the best. Why bring up the past when the future looks so promising for her? By listening to the lyrics of her new album, most importantly the song Wrecking Ball, we can find out enough information about her relationship with Liam, and the effects that it had on her. When small clips from her famous VMA performance were shown, she said that it’s better to be talked about on every news station for two weeks, than two seconds. And boy, was she on every single station for weeks on end. While she was “laughing” and “chilling,” everyone else was so serious in judging her. But, all press is good press in her eyes, and she strives to separate herself from everyone else. She wants to be remembered, just like Brittany Spears and Madonna. I have a feeling that her goal of remembrance has already been achieved.