Halestorm’s “Into the Wild Life”

Halestorm’s “Into the Wild Life”

Halestorm is an American rock band from Red Lion, PA. The band consists of siblings Lzzy Hale (lead vocals and guitarist), Arejay Hale (percussion), Joe Hottinger (lead guitarist) and Josh Smith (bassist). The band is well known for their dedication to their fans, and strives to provide an exciting and energetic concert experience that is more than just a live performance.

“Into the Wild Life” is Halestorm’s third studio album and it was released the week of April 10. The album has 13 tracks and lasts about 55 minutes long. The first single of the album is “Apocalyptic,” which was released on January 12.

The album has a balance of hard rock songs with loud electric guitar solos and soft piano ballads. Much like their previous work, the band maintains a dynamic flow throughout the album. Some songs have simple melodies and rhythm patterns, while others have complicated and distinct chord progression. Some are happy and upbeat sounding and others have a sinister sound to them.

Although the album is only a little over a week old, it has reached 51st on Australian Albums chart and 28th on New Zealand Albums.  The music review website aNewRisingMusic gave the album 3.5/5 stars.

“Into the Wild Life” has the classic Halestorm sound and is enjoyable for anyone who is interested in the hard rock music genre.