Local BYOB, Iggies Pizza

Local BYOB, Iggies Pizza

Iggies Pizzeria is a small restaurant located on North Calvert Street in the Mt. Vernon area. This little pizza shop might not look like much on the outside, but it’s not looks they’re going for. When that door opens, the sights and smells are enticing enough to draw in even the least interested of patrons.

The inside of the establishment is split into two main sections, an open view kitchen and a seating area. The kitchen is pretty unique: customers see all the fresh pies being made at lightning-fast speeds right in front of them. The dough is cut, hand-tossed and prepped to go in the oven with a swiftness that means only one thing—these guys know what they’re doing. The view of the chefs serves as entertainment while people watch and wait in anticipation for their personal sized pizza.

What sets this restaurant apart from the other typical pizza place is its high quality  that has merit to be called better because of the quality of the ingredients being used. Their flour is imported from Italy and is the finest ground flour available. Their sauce is made only using San Marzano tomatoes. Their toppings are prepared fresh each day, including mozzarella, ricotta and even their gelato.

Though the pizza is the main attraction, another unique service provided by the restaurant is a BYOB rule—perfect if you want great pizza, but you also want to have your favorite craft beer. Of course, the same goes for your favorite wine too.

The pricing is relative to the size of the pizza you want and the type of toppings. The pizzas come in two sizes, small and large, the large being around eighteen inches, so best suited to the very hungry. The small pizzas run around ten dollars and the large pizzas average seventeen dollars. These prices are not that cheap, but oh so worth it. So if you’re tired of the same typical restaurants surrounding the Loyola community, and want to explore Baltimore a bit, stop in for some pizza at Iggies. You won’t be disappointed.

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