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The Muse: What is the Spookiest Music?

Vilnis Chakars

The Muse is a creative publication that aims to share the interests, talents, and research of students on campus. The following represents the opinion of the student writer and does not represent the views of Loyola University Maryland, the Greyhound, or Loyola University’s Department of Communication.

It seems that with every passing generation, from the beginnings of punk rock to Doja Cat’s recent image change, a fear of evil artistry consumes contemporary music and its trends. While this sensation is usually born out of an aging generation’s disillusionment with current popular music, a lot of artists and groups take elements of horror and incorporate them into their image and sound. This Halloween month, I spoke with six Loyola students to try and find out which musical act is truly the spookiest of them all. 

Ethan Theriot – Class of 2025

“I think the spookiest band would have to be AC/DC just because of how in-depth they go with their makeup and everything. It just shows that they wanna put on a performance.”

Katie Roessel – Class of 2024

“So, I’ve got a couple of thoughts. For some reason the first idea that came to me was KISS, but they’re not that spooky, they’re just intense. I guess you could say they’re spooky. Creepy: Slipknot. Slipknot, I find quite creepy, but that’s their jam. Spooky though… Grimes when she was dating Elon Musk. I think that’s gonna be my final answer for spooky.”

Sophia Randle – Class of 2025

“I think I’ll do Have a Nice Life! Most of their songs have a somber, creepy, often even violent/restrictive feel. They are able to do very loud, unnerving sounds, but slow and soothing just as well.”

Analia Cortez – Class of 2025

“For what I would think is one of the spookiest, because it’s hard to say the spookiest, is Melanie Martinez’s new era. I think it’s a little on the spooky side because she’s not human. She’s like some creature and you don’t see her face at all. She’s all in prosthetics and stuff, so I think it’s pretty spooky.”

Diego Chavez-Garcia – Class of 2026

“Well, there’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. That’s one of them alright.”

Mac Ferrone – Class of 2025


Elizabeth Thompson – Class of 2025

“The Editor-in-Chief would also like to use her editorial power to say the spookiest music is by Malice Mizer, her favorite visual kei band of all time. Specifically, the Tetsu and Klaha eras with “Speed of Desperate” and “Mayonaka ni kawashita yakusoku” (they made a Dracula movie with this song!). Very gothic with organs, electric guitar, harpsichords, choirs, and screams. Listen to them. They are very cool.”


What do you think the spookiest music is?

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