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So You Wanna Be A Princess?

If Kate Middleton had a twitter it is estimated that she would be the most followed person in the entire world, above Pope Francis, the Dali Lama, Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber. The wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William was the most watched event in 2011 in the last 10 years on television. And when eight out of 10 college-aged girls were polled: a Disney Princess movie marathon is what they would choose for a Saturday night with the girlfriends.

We all dreamed of being a princess at one point, some like myself still think we are destined to get to that point. But in an era where women outnumbered men in the past Olympics, more and more women are registered to vote and taking executive decisions with Hilary Clinton as a strong candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election, why are we still so enraptured by women who were meant to simply dress pretty and be rescued by knights in shining armor?

We should begin to look at the main brand of princesses, the Disney ones, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzuel and Merida. They were branded as The Disney Princesses about 15 years ago, when most college students were young and impressionable girls.  The market exploded creating new books, videos, costumes, makeup, amusement attractions and characters. Today, the market is still expanding, not just for young girls but also for young ladies.  Designers from all over the world have studied the princesses and created engagement rings, everyday attire of skirts, shirts and sundresses.  Even wedding dresses and lingerie lines have been designed with each individual princess’s style and history in mind. Bridal showers and bachelorette parties are also in the new market.

Some mothers such as Peggy Orenstein, author of the widely popular book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, a book detailing her journey with her daughter in “princessmania” and how she is going to make sure her daughter won’t face the many challenges that young girls face; such as eating disorders. But Peggy, let me assure you, I think the princesses make it clear how strong they are and how strong we as young women can be. Each and every one of these ladies traveled alone, battled evil spirits and demons and fought for their own independence and true love without any strings.  They had pet tigers and little dragons; they were locked in towers and even disguised themselves as men to brave wars with other countries for family honor.

My ideal modern-day princess, Kate, has also shown how strong and independent princesses can be.  Starting with Prince William being the first royal to marry a “commoner,” the pair has been breaking tradition since the beginning.  Kate has given speeches without her husband by her side; started charities and done goodwill deeds all within her own interests. She was even pregnant for a short time with her husband still away in the Royal Air Force and working.  All while I might add, wearing 4-6 inch heels.

Now before you decide that I am crazy for still admiring these women, real or not, remember that these women are constant reminders of intelligence, bravery, total romantics and a little bit of crazy. Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn (all princesses in their own right) were all real women making strides in all different aspects of life, reminding us ladies to stand up straight, know what we’re talking about when we’re talking about it, be nothing less than classy and always remember that each of us has a tiara on our delicate, yet intellectual heads.

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So You Wanna Be A Princess?