Students Robbed in Campus Parking Lot


In accordance with the Timely Warning requirement of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act of 1990, an alert was sent out to the Loyola community at 3:18 p.m., the first Monday after Thanksgiving break.

On Nov. 27 at 1:30 a.m., two students were followed onto campus into the Newman Towers parking lot by two armed individuals and were robbed and assaulted.

According to the Evergreen alert, “Two armed individuals followed the student’s vehicle to campus and assaulted one of the students. Baltimore Police were notified and are investigating the crime.”

Later in the week, on Dec. 1, Adrian Black, the director of Public Safety, sent out an email to the Loyola community to provide further details about this incident. Black emphasized the importance of student safety and the purpose of Public Safety to ensure the safety of the community.

In this email, he said, “We have increased patrols and assessed the institutional response – as well as our collaboration with Baltimore City Police – in this situation to make sure we are well-positioned for the future. Loyola is committed to sharing information, in coordination with community partners, for the safety of all members of our community.”

In the alert, Black implored the community to notify Public Safety as soon as possible in case of such events.

He said, “Even if Baltimore City Police are notified, notifying Loyola’s public safety is paramount, so that we can communicate with our own community in a timely way. Providing video footage and details is important, but nothing can make up for time lost when an incident is reported days later.”

According to Black, there will always be heightened concerns about safety in the aftermath of tragic events such as this. However, Black says that Public Safety will continue to work with the community to push back against crime, as well as reevaluate the Public Safety protocols on campus.

“To that end, we are evaluating all of our safety and security programs to ensure we are delivering the best for our community now and into the future.”

He stated that the student who was assaulted is recovering from an injury sustained during the incident, and Loyola will cooperate with the Baltimore City Police Department in their investigation.

Black said, “This case is being investigated by Baltimore Police Department, so Loyola’s role is as a liaison for the University. We ask for periodic updates and will cooperate with their detectives in the hopes of identifying and bringing the suspects to justice.”

If anyone has information regarding this incident, contact Public Safety at 410-617-5010.

Featured Image Courtesy of Katie Roessel