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About our Senior Class President and Plans for 2023


Trinity Riggle, a blonde and spunky senior from the Virgin Islands, didn’t run the most ordinary presidential campaign during her last spring semester.  

While studying abroad in Spain, Riggle had to work around a 6-hour time difference, posting relevant campaign videos and pictures to compete for the presidential position from the other side of the world.   

Although this may seem like a difficult task for most, Riggle has had experience with running for candidacy virtually. During the virtual semester of her sophomore year, Riggle decided to run for assembly. As many fellow Greyhounds know, Riggle prides herself on being outgoing, with one of her favorite phrases being, “it’s a party.” She really wanted something fun to do to take up her time, and this opportunity suited her well.  

Riggle said, “When we got sent home for COVID, I couldn’t see my friends or do anything but stay home and go to classes online. Being in assembly, I got to meet a bunch of people and plan events.”   

With a bright smile and contagious laugh, Riggle couldn’t wait to talk about her plans for the year and just how she came to run for president.   

Her decision to run for assembly in her sophomore and junior year, and then eventually for president, was much like her decision to come to Loyola as a freshman. Riggle never imagined she would actually attend Loyola, let alone a college in Maryland.  

After her first two weeks at Loyola, Riggle knew she had no regrets about her choice. 

Riggle said, “I met so many great people and was really drawn to the education program and Loyola’s openness, teaching me more about advocacy and how to be culturally responsive when teaching in Baltimore.”   

Following the theme of listening to advice from friends and family, Riggle decided to run for president after Student Body President and close friend Claire Perkins was stressed about who would be filling her spot. When traveling home with Perkins for Thanksgiving break, Riggle brought up the idea that she may run for president. Riggle said that at the mention of it, Perkins lit up and explained that her and Jack McCormick, also running for the Big 3 at the time, had planned to ask Riggle if she didn’t offer first.   

Riggle always listens to the needs and advice of those she trusts and hopes to create the same environment at Loyola.  

“I pride myself on being an approachable person, so even beyond ideas, if people have issues, we’re a part of the greater student government, beyond our class,” Riggle said, “If anyone has issues they want to address, we can bring them up in our meetings and talk to administration about it and figure out solutions.”   

Riggle hopes to collaborate with the same clubs whose events she loves to frequent, like the CSU, BSA, ASA, Spectrum, the LGBTQ experience, and more. As a member of “Addressing the System,” another important club on campus that has demanded change here at Loyola, Riggle is excited to use this year not just to provide education but to instill action afterward. Her main goals for the year are to put on events where the whole class can be together and create better bonds after our interrupted past couple of years.  

“The pressure is on,” Riggle said, “It is a big year. For seniors, it’s our first year fully in person, so it’s a lot of pressure but definitely exciting.”   

Riggle isn’t alone in feeling the pressure of this year, as seniors are highly anticipating all the classic senior countdown events and celebrations that we have yet to experience. With help from the survey form found in the Class of 2023 Instagram’s bio, Riggle and her fellow assembly members have surveyed the class about what they want to see this upcoming year. Riggle gave some hints at what to expect, with the return of Dancing with the Stars, a week of game nights, and maybe even a class riff off inspired by Pitch Perfect. Senior countdown dates are in the works, and seniors are encouraged to continue to fill out the form.  

Riggle is already acknowledging feedback from students. She noted that some student-athletes feel a little disconnected from the rest of the student body.  

“A lot of student-athletes have told us that they feel excluded from the events that we put on,” Riggle said, “so I’m hoping that Alex Jackson, a student-athlete on my assembly, will help with that communication, so we can better work around their schedules, and they can actually come to events and voice their opinions.”   

Finally, when asked what she hopes to leave behind with her legacy, Riggle emphasized that school spirit is important to her. She stated, “With COVID, we have lost a lot of tradition, people didn’t know what senior year is supposed to look like, and just creating lasting events that can become a staple for our class and grades to come is the main goal. I want to put on events that other students want to replicate.”   

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About our Senior Class President and Plans for 2023