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Reimagining the workforce: discussing nate with Daphne Ciccarelle


In a time of many changes to how companies are operating, nate, a digital assistant shopping app, is at the forefront of innovation. nate has committed to driving positive change in work culture by providing career growth opportunities to college students and early graduates.

Daphne Ciccarelle ‘21 got the opportunity to be involved in the company. 

As a communications major focusing on advertising and public relations, Ciccarelle supported nate’s social media campaigns through the Career Accelerator program. Now, she serves nate with an official title as Growth Strategy Intern. The rising senior is also involved in Greycomm Studios, Loyola’s student-run multimedia production group, and the Loyola Dance Company.

To understand more about nate and Ciccarelle’s journey at the company, The Greyhound sat down with her for a Q&A session. The following is a summary of the questions and answers that were shared about Ciccarelle’s background, nate, the Career Accelerator program, and her overall experience.

How do you think Loyola prepared you for the nate program?

“All of the classes I took for my major… really did help me. But what I found most beneficial was working with Greycomm Studios because it pushed me to try things that I wasn’t getting in the classroom. Especially Jay [Dunmore, television studio manager at Greycomm]— he was actually the one that pushed me to get started with video editing, which I found to be extremely useful for my internship right now,” Ciccarelle said.

Ciccarelle also emphasized how extracurriculars at Loyola have helped her develop relevant skills. She served as vice president of the Loyola Dance Company last year, and is the current president of the organization.

“That [experience with the dance company] helped me develop leadership and communication skills that are really helpful for the real world,” she said.

Can you expand more on what nate is?

“nate is an intelligence assistance that helps you process the checkout of online shopping, so it makes the process super simple. You go online, you find a product you want to buy, you add it to your nate app, and then you can buy it instantly with one click in the app,” Ciccarelle said.

One unique aspect of the nate app is its lists feature.

“The good thing about these lists, and what really makes it unique from anything out there, is that you can add in items from any website at all, whereas on things like Amazon, you can only make a list out of items that are on Amazon,” she said. 

In addition to lists, the nate app allows the user to send gifts to friends and family.

With one-tap, you can pick something out and ship it to a friend,” Ciccarelle said.

Can you tell me more about the Career Accelerator program at nate?

“You come in for two weeks and you get to work on a really unique project. So, nate will come up with different projects based on your interests and your major. And you spend those two weeks working on that project,” Ciccarelle said.

She continued, “In the Career Accelerator program, you get to have one-on-ones with the CEO and other people. I think it really helps you understand the company culture, which as a college student is really important to see what different companies offer and what is the best fit for you.”

She also detailed how unique the nate application process is.

“They [nate] had you download the app, make lists, share it with your friends, and have your friends make lists. So, that was also what really drew me towards it because the application process wasn’t like a typical application where you send your resume,” Ciccarelle said.

She also emphasized nate’s unique outlook on eligibility for the program. 

“nate isn’t just looking at the things you have achieved. They want to see more of what your potential is, or maybe more of your creative side,” she said.

Can you talk about the creative content project you were involved in at nate?

Ciccarelle explained that her project involved creating the Instagram reels campaign at nate.

“I created an Instagram reels campaign called ‘The List of the Week Campaign.’ Basically, nate users would send in their list via [Instagram] DMs and that would enter them in to be featured as our list for the week. What made this really good was that it got the nate user involved and made it a personal experience,” she said.

“We ended up going through with the campaign and it is still running right now,” she said. “So, if you go on our instagram, @nate_app, and you go to the IG reels, you will actually see examples of it.”

Can you describe your experience at nate?

Ciccarelle detailed how her internship experience at nate was innovative and new. 

“They really make you feel like you are a part of the company. You are not looked down on or anything like that, and that is really what made me want to continue on with nate,” she said.

Another aspect that drew Ciccarelle to continue working with nate as an intern after her program was one of their mottos. 

“One of nate’s mottos is that failure is good, and that in order to succeed, you have to fail,” she said. “I really liked that because as a student, I can’t do everything right all the time.”

What was the best thing that you got out of this experience?

“It gave me a better understanding of where I need to be in the world when I graduate. I think that in school, they really push you for the corporate world and job stability…. but being here has taught me that I need to follow where my heart wants me to go and do what feels right for me,” Ciccarelle said.

How do you think nate is reimagining the workforce?

“nate is a tech company, and I think when people think of tech they think of sitting at a computer all day, suit and tie, 9 to 5, and this is the complete opposite of that. We do Zumba on Fridays, there is always coffee and tea in here, and it does not need to be work all the time,” she said.

Can you talk more about nate’s mission to foster creativity in Generation Z?

“One of the main things with nate’s app being so simple, and easy, and reducing the time for online checkouts, [is that it] gives you more time back to do things you love,” Ciccarelle said.

She also emphasized how the app fosters creativity. 

“We like to call some of the lists we create ‘universes,’” she said. “You create your own universe and put whatever you want into it. You can have a million different lists for a million different moods and reasons.”

What advice would you give to another Loyola student wanting to participate in the Career Accelerator program?

“I would 10/10 recommend it. I think it is an awesome opportunity for any student. No matter their major, there is something for you. Even if there is nothing related to your major, nate will let you try anything you want to try,” she said.

For more information on nate and the Career Accelerator program, visit their website.

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Featured Image courtesy of Daphne Ciccarelle

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Reimagining the workforce: discussing nate with Daphne Ciccarelle