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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: 9/11/17

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: 9/11/17

For the grand re-launching of the new and improved Greyhound, we decided to bring back and revive an old weekly tradition here at The Greyhound: Thumbs!

Every week the editorial board of The Greyhound convenes to discuss the stories and news affecting Loyola and Baltimore today, to give praise and credit where it’s due, and of course to complain incessantly where it’s deserved.

So without further ado, I present you with this week’s Greyhound Editorial Board Thumbs column!


Thumbs Up to the new dining and seating area for Boulder on the second floor of the Student Center. No longer will we wander aimlessly forever looking for those two square feet of cramped but open space to enjoy our Taco Tuesdays. No longer will we feel as if we’ve aged a few months after getting through the Boulder sandwich line. Today , Greyhounds, we dine in comfort!

Thumbs Down though, to the ridiculously narrow and claustrophobic staircase leading from the first to the second floors of Boulder. I can’t stress enough the amount of anxiety I had the other day walking up the cramped staircase trying to expertly balance my two-foot high pile of baked ziti and breadsticks in one hand as I try not to drop the four apples I’m somehow managing to hold in the other. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when somebody (likely me) will inevitably spill their plates of food all over the place in what will surely be a genuine Greek tragedy.

Thumbs Down to those new automatic sense-opening trash bins in the new dining area while we’re on the subject. It is the biggest (and worst) example of unnecessarily adding technology to an item that has been pretty much perfected for the past millennia of human history simply for the sake of having more technology. And all I can ask is why? I just look forward for the Wi-Fi enabled napkin dispensers sure to come out next semester.


Thumbs Up to Loyola men’s soccer for beating out Villanova 1-0 at Ridley on Saturday night! I’ve never been much of a soccer fan myself, but I definitely can’t help but get excited over a great Greyhound Victory, especially over Nova, which advanced to the NCAA Tournament last year. Not to mention the fact that some of my friends attend Nova, and now I can gloat for a little while.

Thumbs Down to the miles long lines to get into Zen West the last few days, the choice spot for a night out for seniors. I know many seniors know what I’m taking about right now, seeing that line go on and on and carry on for a reportedly 45-minute wait is enough to warrant a Sarah McLachlan infomercial. (In the armsss of an angelll)

And finally,

Big Thumbs Up for the beginning of another great semester here at Loyola! Welcome back, Greyhounds! And a big welcome to all of our new Greyhounds too!


Have something in mind that you think is thumbs-worthy? Let us know at [email protected]!


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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: 9/11/17