Reported Sexual Assault On-Campus: Where Students Can Turn for Resources and Support

Reported Sexual Assault On-Campus: Where Students Can Turn for Resources and Support

On Wednesday, Feb. 24 Loyola community members received an email explaining that a student had reported a sexual assault by an acquaintance, who is also a Loyola student, to Loyola Campus Police. The assault occurred on Saturday, Feb. 20 on-campus, but a location was not provided to protect the reporting student. This is the second reported sexual assault this year, as the Loyola community received a similar email about an incident that happened between two Loyola students off-campus in mid-December.

This report comes a week after Loyola’s Student Government Association hosted the “How Much am I Worth?” campaign. This week-long event was focused on educating students about being active bystanders and eradicating sexual assault on our campus.

The topic of sexual assault is one that is all too relevant to college campuses across the nation, and Loyola is no exception to this trend. If you or someone you know wants more information about this issue, or is looking for helpful resources, here are several places to find out more. The Notice of Rights and Options for Sexual Misconduct Incidents may be found at  Information concerning sexual assault risk reduction and bystander intervention tips can also be found on the Public Safety web page.

In addition to these two Loyola resources, other on-campus options for help include the Women’s Center located at 4504A Seton Court, The Counseling Center in Humanities 150 and The Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotions, which is located in Seton 02B. Employees can call the Employee Assistance Program 24/7 at 1-800-765-0770.

Outside of the campus community, there are also many local resources to turn to, which include TurnAround (sexual assault and domestic violence support services) at 443-279-0379 (24-hour helpline), the House of Ruth (domestic violence only) 24 hours a day at 410-889-7884, Hopeworks for Howard County (24-hour hotline) at 410-997-2272, or the Sexual Assault /Domestic Violence 24-hour hotline for Baltimore and Carroll Counties at 410-828-6390.

Photo courtesy of Loyola University Maryland