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The Holiday Sounds of the Greysounds

The Holiday Sounds of the Greysounds

As the holiday season officially begins, students at Loyola University Maryland were given a treat on Dec. 2 – a  performance by their very own co-ed acapella group, the Greysounds. The show began with a short comedic clip where students got to see a fun and goofy side of the Greysounds at practices and fun interactions between them as they prepared for their performances. 

Josie Hicks ’25 said, “Honestly, I really liked the show! It was fun to watch and the clip in the beginning that introduced them was pretty cool because you got to see a different side to them, and you can see that they’re also just students. I loved every second of it and I can’t wait for the next one!” 

The first song covered by the Greysounds was “Sunny,” originally written by Marvin Gaye, and performed by Jayleen Sorto ‘25 and Owen Lawton ‘25. Before they began, Peter Davin ‘23, the music director, used the pitch pipe to set off the correct beginning notes. Seconds later, the auditorium filled with the sound of the Greysounds singing together in perfect harmony for the beginning until Sorto and Lawton began to sing. 

Kayla Kehoe ’25, said, “Dude, I wish I could sing! I would be there so fast! It was really cool to see, I hope the performers enjoyed it as much as we did. Definitely worth the $10!”  

As the show progressed, the audience was captivated by more than just the singing, but also by the accompanying light show, complimentary of Event Services. With each song that played, depending on the feel of the music, there were lights in the background to add flair to the show and make sure the audience was always enthralled. 

Hannah Roche ’25 said, “When the lights came on, I was immediately like ‘that’s so cool.’ I know that people would say we’re too old to enjoy things like that, but it gave me this Christmas feeling. The show was really good and adding the lights made it even better.” 

If there is anything to be learned from the recent Ticketmaster crash, it’s that people love Taylor Swift. That fact was only reinforced when Davin and Kate Fleming ‘25 began to sing a Taylor Swift medley of  “22,” “Message in a Bottle,” “Welcome to New York,” and “The Very First Night.” The crowd was put into a state of utter euphoria.  

Jacolby Lacy ’25, said, “It was enchanting – see what I did there? – to hear the Taylor Swift mashup. I  didn’t know a lot of the songs, but they made me want to. The hard work of the singers really showed in the performance.” 

From the perspective of the performers, the support given by fellow Greyhounds was greatly appreciated. 

Sorto said, “It was such a rush performing. There is so much emotion rushing through you after the first song that the concert just flies by. All of our work that goes into the show is rewarded by seeing the big smiles of our friends and family members and hearing the cheering of the  crowd. Performing with the Greysounds is like performing with your family. It is my favorite part of being at Loyola.”

Featured Image Courtesy of Goldy Lomotey

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The Holiday Sounds of the Greysounds