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Top 10: DIY Halloween costumes

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It’s that time of the year again, folks! Halloween is upon us. The time when everything is pumpkin spiced and kids run around knocking on peoples’ doors to get free candy. The most exciting part is dressing up and you can easily make costumes from stuff you already have.

1-Michael Jackson: The King of Pop

Ever since he passed in 2009, people have been honoring him with Halloween costumes. And with his image changing over 20 years, there are several possibilities to go with. The most iconic is the Thriller era. With a red leather jacket, black plants and a slick set of black shoes, anyone can be the moonwalking master. If you like the Bad era, keep the black pants and shoes, but wear a black leather jacket. People will think the king has come back; after all it is la dia de los muertos. Shamone.

Here’s a simple costume that any child or adult can pull off without breaking the wallet. Start with either a solid white or black shirt or a flannel shirt and roll the sleeves up to the elbow. Tuck it into a pair of worked hard blue jeans, find a pair of your favorite cowboy boots, and top it off with a wide brimmed cowboy hat to finish off the look. If you own a brown or black duster coat, wear it to further authenticate the costume. Lastly, perfect the cowboy’s stride: walk with your hands in your front pockets, and look stern. Make Clint Eastwood proud.

3-Where’s Waldo?
Have you seen Waldo? He’s around here somewhere. See if you can spot him in the Halloween crowds this year. To be this iconic champion of hide and seek, start with a red shirt with white stripes, or perhaps a white shirt with red stripes, whatever floats your boat.  Add the red and white beanie cap and a pair of blue jeans and you’ll start disappearing into crowds within minutes. A messenger bag or a European shoulder bag, aka “man purse” would accompany this image well, along with a walking cane.

4-Ninja Warrior
Who doesn’t think ninjas are awesome? It’s probably the easiest costume to make. Black pants, black shoes, black mask and black shirt; can’t really mess this one up.  Become one with the shadows. Add some sharp samurai stars or a katana sword and you’re set to be the hero of the night. Ok, maybe not the sharp weapons –  people may not approve of that around their kids –  but it’s the thought that counts.

5-Mario and Luigi
These two iconic video game characters have been Halloween costumes since they were released by Nintendo in 1981. Everyone across the world knows these two Italian plumbers. There are only a few components to these costumes. All you need is a red shirt, blue overalls and brown work boots to be Mario. Find a red cap and put a white “M” on it perfect the costume. Replace all the red items with green to be Luigi.

6-Favorite Athletes

This is a very effective costume for those who at first say they won’t dress up, but change their minds just as their family and friends leave to take the young tykes out to get free candy. Grab your favorite sports jersey and that team’s hat, and you’ll practically be a look-alike. Share a couple stories about your time on the field playing for the championship and there’s no way people will frown upon you for almost not dressing up.

7-Katniss Everdeen

Ms. Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, is the main character of the successful 2012 film The Hunger Games. A few weeks after the movie, girls across the nation started asking mom and dad for earlier Christmas and birthday gifts in the form of a bow and arrow. What more could we ask for? A role model that wields a bow and arrow in the name of justice. This costume is based around survival clothes: long brown pants, brown boots and a black weather resistant jacket. Clip on the mocking jay pin and put your hair into a ponytail to top off the look. What could be cuter than a little 7-year-old girl running around with a bow and arrow?


Vampires have been all the rage since the Twilight series first appeared on the big screen. Vampires have come a long way since Nosferatu, the first vampire character who appeared in a 1920’s silent film. Nosferatu was intensely terrifying for the viewer and filled each with horror and dread, whereas nowadays every girl wants a vampire boyfriend. The easiest approach to this costume is a set of vampire teeth and a lot of hair gel, and maybe a thin layer of powder and sparkles to get the Edward Cullen look.
9-Miley Cyrus

Of course, there will be some Hannah Montana costumes running around, but new this year will be “Miley Cyrus: VMA Edition.”  Grab some teddy bears, a foam finger and skin colored undergarments to pull off this look. To nail it, however, you have to repeatedly stick your tongue out like Gene Simmons or a giraffe.


Who doesn’t like a classic? You can’t go wrong with this one. A white sheet with some cut outs to see and a little ghostly ambitions to drive this one home. Play a couple pranks on people and echo some disembodied voices to really scare your fellow trick-or-treaters.

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Top 10: DIY Halloween costumes