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My top ten mandatory summer reads


1.  “The Beautiful and The Damned”- F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’m not going to lie…this book would not have been a choice if Serena van der Woodsen didn’t rave about it during a few episodes of Gossip Girl. The sophisticated novel immediately enthralls us into the lives of Anthony Patch, who believes he has everything after being dazzled by his future wife, Gloria. However, when an inheritance of money and a lack of purpose to life gets in the way, the ravishing life of Anthony and Gloria soon becomes dull and boring.

2.  “It”- Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is perhaps one of the best trendsetters and is a muse for legendary Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld. Now a co-anchor of the nightly music show Fuse News, Alexa brings us into her glamorous life through her first book. This book includes personal stories, drawings,and photographs. This is an ideal read for anyone who loves fashion, music or anything relating to Alexa Chung.

3. “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside”- Kelly Cutronekelly-cutrone-300x400

Although I may be biased considering my die-hard fandom towards powerhouse Kelly Cutrone, her book satisfies more than just her groupies fans. The PR maven spills her greatest secrets for success through a combination of personal and business-related stories, along with her role as Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port’s boss on The Hills. Her experience with fame and  the achievement of being the CEO and founder of the fashion PR firm, People’s Revolution, allows her to share brutally honest career advice to young women pursuing a career in fashion, PR, or any business at all.

4.  “Between The Doors”- Wes Peters

Of course, we cannot let the summer pass without reading “Between The Doors” by Loyola’s very own, Wes Peters. This enchanting novel describes a twelve-year -old boy who runs away from home and finds himself in a forest with an ancient revolver. The mystery continues when he finds a door that leads him to another world in which guns don’t exist. His enemies, however, might close that door that leads back to Andrew’s world; with only six bullets, what will Andrew choose to do?

5.  “Horse Soldiers”- Doug Stanton

“Horse Soldiers” is a dramatic book about the small group of Special Forces soldiers who entered Afghanistan secretly following 9/11 and rode to war on horses against the Taliban. Until now, the full story of the Horse Soldiers has never been told. This story is embedded with brave Special Forces soldiers, CIA operatives, Afghan warlords and Afghan boys spying on the Taliban.

6.  “The Ring and the Crown”- Melissa de la Cruz

Who doesn’t love princesses and crowns? A competition between Princess Marie-Victoria and the daughter of the Mage of England grew up together, and must decide who will rule and who will serve.

7.  “Trident K-9 Warriors “– Mike Ritland

As a Navy SEAL himself, Mike Ritland saw a military dog in action and knew right away that this was his calling. He began to train and supply dogs for the SEAL teams, U.S. Government,and Department of Defense. This fascinating peak into the elite process of K-9 dog training is a thrilling must-read.

8.  “American Sniper”- Chris Kyle

After my dad was screaming into the phone for twenty minutes about how amazing this book was, I decided to put it on the list. It is an eye-opening and addicting autobiography on SEAL Chief Chris Kyle, one of the record holding snipers in U.S. military history.

9.  “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” Mindy Kaling

As if Mindy isn’t already every girl’s BFF, her book brings the bond closer than ever. Everything from his childhood as a chubster to her definitions of a best friend and boyfriend, this hilarious account touches on every subject and turns them into hilarious comedies that will create tears on tears of laughter.

10.  “The Asylum”- Simon Doonan

Not sure whether I should be happy or embarrassed that my mom thought this was the “perfect book” to get me for Christmas, but I have to admit, it’s great for a poolside casual read that requires no thinking, just pure humor. The Asylum is a satirical novel that compares the fashion industry to an insane asylum, and includes an array of comedic stories that make the comparison between the two seem more realistic than one might think.


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My top ten mandatory summer reads