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Top 10: Netflix shows to binge watch

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Just imagine it: you’re tired from a long day, and you get back to your dorm room with a huge pile of reading assignments, but then you see your laptop lying on your bed screaming, “you need your daily Netflix fix!.” One of the latest trends in today’s everyday lifestyle has to be the Netflix binge. Anyone who knows first hand how to properly binge hasn’t done it right until you have at least covered a whole season in one day. So here are a few more suggestions   for those who are looking to sharpen their “binge-watching game.”

1-Law & Order: Special Victims Unit- Probably not a show you expected to see on this list; however, Netflix offers five full seasons of SVU. Filled with suspense, surprise and Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni. This classic will never go out of style.

2-Breaking Bad-Two words: Walter White. Hands down, one of the best anti-heroes in television history. Catch up on what everyone was talking about in the fall.

3- American Dad, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers-These three comedies are all there for your comedy itch. All primetime cartoons from Fox, these shows capture the sarcastic tones of today’s humor and are perfect for quick binges in just less than half an hour per episode.

4-How I Met Your Mother-This show has not only been around for now nine seasons, but the first eight are available on Netflix. Telling the story of how Ted Mosby met his future wife, the show follows five friends living in NYC through their best and worst times. You can follow the story and finish the eighth season just in time for this season’s upcoming series finale.

5- The Walking Dead-Who doesn’t love a good zombie apocalypse? Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal star in this thriller, where, if you’re looking for a good way to spend the day away but still get your heart rate up, you should definitely invest some of your binge-time in this show.

6- Sons Of Anarchy- A mix of rival biker gangs, guns, family and loyalty. Netflix offers five full seasons of this addicting drama and you can be caught up for season 7 in the fall.

7- Gossip Girl-All six seasons of this luxury and gossip-filled drama follow the day-to-day lives of the most elite students in New York City. If Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf don’t ring a bell, you’ll definitely need to tune in and catch up on one of the biggest and most fashion-forward hits of our generation.

8-Weeds-Mary-Louise Parker stars as the suburban mom who becomes one of California’s major suppliers and dealers of cannabis, and there are eight full seasons to show how she got there.

9- Mad Men-For five seasons, Mad Men followed the old glamour and cutthroat business at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency. The first half of the final season premieres in April.

10- Netflix Originals!-

Orange Is The New Black- Taylor Schilling stars in Orange Is The New Black, a show revolving around a successful NYC entrepreneur whose past comes back to haunt her, all the way to federal prison. The show is not only hilarious, but its gritty take on prison life entertains you throughout the entire first season.

House of Cards-Kevin Spacey stars in “House Of Cards” as the political-power house, who’s unconventional and sometimes even immoral political-moves land him in one of the most powerful positions in Washington. Not only should you watch this show because of its sheer success in representing the juiciest scandals in D.C., but it’s also shot right here in Baltimore.




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Top 10: Netflix shows to binge watch