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Aziz Ansari Masters a Hilarious New TV Series



Aziz Ansari’s comedic stints are always guaranteed to make audiences laugh. Whether this stand-up comedian is hosting the MTV Movie Awards, channeling Tom Haverford in the hit TV show “Parks and Recreation,” or starring alongside Jonah Hill in “Get Him to the Greek,” he has continuous jokes up his sleeve.

Understandably so, Ansari’s new Netflix series, titled “Master of None,” has already made headlines for its refreshing and hilarious take on adult life. The show features a main character Dev (Ansari), as well as Dev’s close friends Arnold (Eric Warenheim) and Denise (Lena Waithe). Dev’s girlfriend Rachel (Noël Wells) also makes regular appearances on the show. This cast interacts with various celebrities as well, including Claire Danes, Busta Ryhmes and Lynn Cohen. In this sense, viewers have the opportunity to enjoy watching a regularly working cast, while also being able to say, “Hey! It’s _______” every once in a while.

“Master of None” is quite simply based on the shenanigans that Dev and his friends undergo on a daily basis, whether this ranges from conflicts at work, a night on the town, or issues between friends and spouses. The beautiful thing about this show is that viewers are able to watch them somewhat out of order, since each episode doesn’t exactly correspond with the previous one. Rather, each 25-minute segment covers a new subject in the lives of Dev and his friends.

For example, one episode called “Old People,” features Dev visiting both Arnold’s grandfather, as well as Rachel’s grandmother. At one point, Dev listens to intriguing stories about Arnold’s grandfather fighting in the war, and later on in the episode, we see him helping Rachel’s grandmother break out of her nursing home to enjoy dinner at a nearby restaurant. “Old People” offers a hilarious take on how generations greatly differ from each other, while highlighting the importance of connecting with grandparents and older generations.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Photostream, Courtesy of Flickr

In another episode called “Ladies and Gentlemen,” viewers get an inside look at how life is drastically different for men and women — women face harassment on a daily basis, while men live within a comfortable bubble. This feminist episode is quite funny, while also drawing attention to issues that women continue to face each day. In one scene, Dev and Rachel compare comments that they each receive on their Instagram accounts after both posting a picture of a breakfast frittata. While Rachel collects crudely sexual comments from random men (having nothing at all to do with frittata), Dev receives hilarious words such as, “Yumtown! Population: Dev.”

“Master of None” covers serious issues in a hilarious way. Ansari does a wonderful job of cleverly incorporating modern-day regularities (like Instagram and other social media outlets), to illustrate important aspects of life. The show offers a contemporary and intriguing spin to realities that all adults must eventually face.

Given Ansari’s comedic background and plethora of pure talent, it’s no surprise that when all ten episodes of “Master of None”were released to Netflix on Friday, Nov. 6, a flood of positive reviews erupted for Ansari’s latest comedic victory. In fact, most people have described Ansari’s work as “a giant leap” for the comedian, one in which he shows “true acting range.” Twitter users have written short but sweet words of encouragement for the show, tweeting things such as, “Masters of None is perfect,” “This show is SO great,” “I think I’m in love with Aziz Ansari,” and much more. Ansari has created this show (not to mention writes, produces, and stars in every episode), so he reasonably deserves most of the credit surrounding “Master of None.”

Most importantly, “Master of None” has made significant strides in integrating ethnic groups into the world of comedy. Ansari himself comes from an Indian background, and his family members are oftentimes featured on the show (sometimes interacting with his Caucasian girlfriend, thus bringing in a beautiful clash of ethnicities). In addition to this, most actors featured on the show are of diverse backgrounds. For example, Denise plays the role of an African American homosexual woman. This diverse cast makes for wonderfully blended situations and scenes throughout the show.

If you haven’t indulged in watching “Master of None” already, I would highly recommend doing so. This hilarious new work of Ansari’s offers an upbeat perspective on real-life issues and will be sure to brighten your day after just one episode.

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Aziz Ansari Masters a Hilarious New TV Series