Return to Stars Hollow: Possible Gilmore Girls Revival in the Works



“Gilmore Girls” fans, all hope is not lost. Whether you finished watching the series back in 2007 or this past summer like I did (yes, I’m behind on the times), you most likely found yourself in some kind of depressive state, unable to cope with the fact that you would no longer be able to indulge in one of TVs greatest mother-daughter relationships.

Ed Schipul Photo, Courtesy of Flickr
Ed Schipul Photo, Courtesy of Flickr

We cringed during most of Lorelai and Emily’s interactions at Friday night dinners, laughed at Sookie’s unfortunate mishaps, felt for Lane whenever her mother criticized her life choices, and always secretly, or perhaps not so secretly, shipped Luke and Lorelai. Arguing over which one of Rory’s boyfriends was best was a common occurrence, because let’s be real, they all had their flaws yet managed to make us adore each of them nonetheless. The show had its goofy moments, but it also provided its audience with a lot of very real-life situations and the inspiration to get through some of life’s toughest moments, often proving that there is nothing a cup of coffee (or five) can’t fix.

“Gilmore Girls” was a staple in many of our generation’s lives, making us long to be best friends with our moms and live in a small, quaint town with some very unique people and traditions. It has been over eight years since the show officially ended, and although you can still watch it in its entirety on Netflix, or as reruns on ABC Family, there is no way to fully come to terms with the end of “Gilmore Girls”…until now.

In mid-October, rumors began to spread throughout Facebook and Twitter that the series would be returning. People panicked, sharing with their friends the first website they could find with any confirmation of the news. To ease many crazed fans, E! Online stated in an article recently that a limited series revival of the show is currently in the works on Netflix. Not only will it be written and produced by the show’s original creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, but also many of the cast members confirmed that they too would be willing to reprise their roles. Though nothing is set in stone, the return would likely consist of four 90-minute episodes, limited, but just what we all need to fill the empty space that was left inside of us as a result of the show’s departure. The rumored plan is to show the Gilmores in present day Stars Hollow, with the additional possibility of revisiting all of Rory’s boyfriends, leaving us to wonder if she’ll finally choose one.

Sherman-Palladino denied this past summer that there was any kind of revival in the works, but stated that bringing the show back “would have to be the right everything— the right format, the right timing, the right way…It would have to be honored in a certain way and I think that if you look around, we would all jump in and do it.”

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the much-anticipated “Gilmore Girls” return, and I’m not psychic, but I have a very good feeling about this one.


Feature Image: Michel Abassi Sittig Photo, Courtesy of Flickr URL