Deep Sound and Tropical Vibes


Within the past five years, Soundcloud has become a popular medium for both new and experienced artists to share their music. It has become the world’s social sound platform leader, where anyone can upload their music and share it to any social media account, for free. However, because of this massive increase in popularity, it’s becoming significantly more difficult to be noticed by users. This is where the worthy artists are separated from the chaff, because from my experience, they only have about 30 seconds to capture my attention.

Boehm (pronounced bo-heem) is one of these exceptional music artists. His music is uplifting, combining aspects of deep and tropical house, to produce a unique and beachy vibe that truly connects with the sunshine and blue skies of spring time. He has been named an artist to watch by multiple top music blogs and he has become one of the best upcoming artists of 2015 reaching millions already. He makes unofficial remixes of classic hits, but has also made official remixes with some of the worlds top DJs such as: Nervo, Omi, Yellow Claw and Steve Aoki.

His background in music, like most DJs, surprisingly enough, is very solid. He has studied it from a young age and has brought his knowledge into the music industry by becoming a producer. He has worked in multiple studios in Romania and spends his personal time working on his own project, set to debut this upcoming summer. You can check Boehm out at and just about every other major social media platform. So, this summer when you’re digging to find new music, if you’re looking for something relaxing and tropical, Boehm is one artist you can’t miss.