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“Lazy baby, I ain’t playin'”


“LazyBaby”: A song about not letting a guy ruin your life when he can’t even put in effort to make the relationship worthwhile. A “bad bitch anthem.” 

Written by MarcLo, Melanie J. Fontana, and Dove Cameron, “LazyBaby,” although not necessarily about her most recent ex – Thomas Doherty – is proven to be autobiographical. Cameron even said herself:

“LazyBaby is not a breakup song. It’s a break through song … I want to be clear: This is not a hateful song … This song is actually about STILL loving someone, but making the decision to put yourself first when you know you need to, wipe away your tears, clean out all their stuff from your apartment and give yourself all the love you had been giving to them.”

She wanted to show a story many people know well: a man who promises her the world and falls short. She doesn’t have to tolerate his lazy ways because at her age there are so many options. He failed his promises and it is her turn to grow.

As seen in the song’s music video, she wants to get up close and personal about her own love life in order to find her peace. However, instead of making herself seem vulnerable, each outfit was perfectly curated to give off a queen vibe. Each outfit shines in its own way to prove her power.

And as the song and video comes to the end, it proves that she has finally found someone who loves her for her and makes the effort to prove it. She even proves it with a kiss at the end of the video with her supposed now boyfriend, Alexander 23, a fellow musician.

Stream on any music app you can! And if the song is not enough, check out her recent casting as “Bubbles” in the live action PowerPuff Girls.

Featured Image courtesy of Tahir Muhammad via Flickr Creative Commons

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“Lazy baby, I ain’t playin'”