Matt Bellassai: Full-time Fangirl, Writer, and BuzzFeed Icon


Scott Beale Photo, Courtesy of Flickr.

If you don’t know Matt Bellassai, I highly recommend that you search him right now. Bellassai, 25, is a social media star for BuzzFeed, and he is taking the Internet by storm. Every Wednesday, he drinks a bottle of wine at his desk while complaining about various things in his video series, “Whine About It.” Frankly, anyone who can make a living off of this is a certified genius in my book. To get a sneak peak of why you should become a Matt Bellassai fan, read below for his top five moments.

1. Reasons Mornings Are The Absolute Worst.

In this episode Bellassai goes into detail about why mornings are the absolute worst and he makes some extremely valid points. The first one is how mornings are just a reminder of all the responsibilities we have to deal with. Our eyes open and immediately we think about all we have to do. Then he tells us about the wretched morning people who think they are just so amazing. Morning people are the worst because they like to go around bragging about everything they do in the morning. Lastly, he points out how breakfast food is so much better at night. He shares, “I wanna eat my waffles in the cover of darkness.” Typical Matt.

2. Types Of Bros That Are The Absolute Worst.

Let Ideas Compete Photo, Courtesy of Flickr.
Let Ideas Compete Photo, Courtesy of Flickr.

In this video, Matt describes typical “bros” that you might find in your daily life, and I’m sure you can think of guys that possess some of these odd qualities. The first type of bro likes to show off his “bro” status in pictures by pointing to his friend beside him. What do you think we are going to forget about the other person in the photo? No! Bellassai somehow always points out things that are so ridiculous, but no one seems to notice. Also, the outfits of some of these bros… Bellassai asks, “Are they shopping out of Eminem’s trunk?” Lastly, he hates the bros that dis Zac Efron. Enough said.

3. Reasons Why Kids Are The Absolute Worst.

So many boogers! This could not be more true. To go along with this, they are also always sticky. They have either eaten something mysterious or fallen in mud, but you just never know. Bellassai is jealous of kids that are able to eat from the kids menu, though. They always get the best food and he is adamant that this is not fair.

4. The Worst Things About Online Dating.

Scott Beale Photo, Courtesy of Flickr.
Scott Beale Photo, Courtesy of Flickr.

The world of online dating is filled with many interesting people and Bellassai highlights the weirdest of them in this video. He starts us off with anyone who has a fish in one of his or her pictures. He states the obvious—we are not polar bears! He suggests instead that they should catch a burrito and hold that in their profile picture. Then the people with shirtless, bathroom selfie pics — we get it, you lift. My last favorite highlight is of the people who only have group pictures. Bellassai tells those punks, “I am not a detective.”

5. The Worst Things About Fall.

This is the absolute funniest video of Bellassai. It is so good, though, that you are just going to have to watch it because I don’t want to ruin anything. I will give you one line though, “Exhibit C!”

And in the words of Bellassai, “Alright everybody.”

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