Wear This, Not that

Every girl, whether it is when they are going to a party, to a dinner with friends, or to a family function worries about what they are going to wear.  They worry about whether they are going to be too fancy and over dressed, or too casual and underdressed.  Most girls stare at their closets and choose between two options, a dress or a skirt and top.   While these two types of outfits always seem appropriate, they are also a good way to blend in, and eventually can get boring and predictable.  When you go out, it is all about having fun, and feeling confident.  Looking for another cute, fun, and cool look? Well then, I think I can help you.  After a shopping spree before school with my three friends in New York City, and searching racks of clothes at different stores, I can tell you that there is another alternative to the typical dress and skirt, and that is the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit, a dressy, warmer version of a romper is a fun way to rock a pair of pants and top but instead of being two separate pieces, they are connected! Though the name makes it sounds like it is stuck in the 80s, there are now plenty of new, modernized ones available by designers like Rachel Roy, Topshop, and Asos that are all fresh, young, and hip.   There are different styles to flatter every body type: skinny leg, wide leg, plunging neckline, and high neckline.  There are patterned ones for a more laid back, Free People look, or solid, fancier ones.  Girls can dress them up with heels and jewelry or make them casual with sandals and a jean jacket.  They are the new way to look cool, hip and dressy when going out, and best of all you won’t look like every other girl at the party you are going to.