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The Greyhound is Loyola’s student-run news site where you can stay up to date with everything that is going on inside the University as well as what’s happening around the world.

We have made some changes to the website, including the addition of a couple of categories. Below you will find a breakdown of the updated site to help you find what you are looking for.

The first thing you will notice is we are a three-column paper. In the far-left column, we have the “News” section. Here you will find everything from global breaking news to critical campus news, to routine information such as SGA events, club news, etc. This section is at the top of the site, so you will never miss out on anything important.

To the right of the News section, is the “Sports” section, which will cover all Loyola sports, D1 and Club, as well as professional sports such as following the Ravens and the Orioles. To the right of Sports, the third column has a search option at the top to help you locate that one article you need. The column also gives you a listing of our latest Instagram Posts and our most recent articles, links to our social media, how to join The Greyhound Newspaper, and how to get in touch with us about advertising.

Under the News and Sports sections, you will find “Arts & Eats.” This section will cover everything from artistic and culinary import to Loyola, our Belles and Chimes, to theatre productions, movies and TV shows, to local restaurant reviews!

Below Arts & Eats, we have a Highlights section where we place the latest article from each of our sections for you to browse and keep up to date. Below Highlights is a three-tab section housing from left to right the Opinion, Editorial, and Thumb tabs.

In the Opinion section, you will find opinion articles that cover a variety of timely topics which are the talk of the campus such as an issue related to life on campus, the topic of mental health among university students, or some aspect of political news, or a review of the trending movie or TV show on everyone’s mind. In the Editorial section, we have the articles which express the opinions of our editors. In the Thumbs section, we give a thumbs up or down to discussions of salient campus occurrences past, present, or future.

Scrolling down past the tabbed section, we have a new “Health” section. Here you will find not only general health news such as breaking news and updates about the current COVID pandemic and Monkeypox outbreaks, but also student-specific news such as health services Loyola offers, or how a national or global health issue affects us on campus.

Scrolling under Health is our “Multimedia” section where you will be able to listen to podcasts that cover a variety of topics, including more in-depth coverage of breaking news, topics that are the talk of the campus, or anything trending on social media of relevance to our community.

Last but certainly not least, we have a new “Travel” section! Here you will find stories not only about local destinations, such as things to do around the Baltimore area but world travel as well. This includes things such as studying abroad, the best places for vacations or retreats, and where to go for Spring or Summer breaks.

Finally, don’t forget to scroll back to the top and check out our “About Us” section as well, where you will find our history, and mission statement, as well as get to know more about our excellent editors.

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