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A Letter to the Editor: Why we are Republicans

A Letter to the Editor: Why we are Republicans

No one needs to be told or lectured on how important this election is. All we have heard wherever we go or click is “Vote Vote Vote!” and rightly so. Voting is our civic duty and a privilege granted...

A response to The Rival’s recent failure to adhere to journalistic etiquette

A response to The Rival’s recent failure to adhere to journalistic etiquette

Emma Hagedoorn February 11, 2019

An article published earlier today by Loyola’s club, The Rival, has caused some disturbance among The Greyhound’s editorial staff as well as the general student body. The article entitled, “Freshman...

Reflections on the Current Scene

Reflections on the Current Scene

Father Haig September 26, 2018

Times change. We have to be aware of those changes and what they mean for you. If you have been watching what is happening in Washington, D.C. these days, you are observing a vast machine that destroys...

A letter to the person who asked the last question at the MLK Lecture

A letter to the person who asked the last question at the MLK Lecture

Theresa DiDonato January 24, 2016

This letter to the editor is in response to the Q&A session that occurred after the 23rd annual Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation on January 18 . Theresa DiDonato attended the lecture and is an associate...

Letter: Craigs not a staple in all students Loyola experience

Letter: Craig’s not a staple in all students’ Loyola experience

Lindsey Rennie February 18, 2015

I’m writing this letter in response to Jerard Fagerberg’s piece (“A loving obituary for Craig’s, the shittiest bar I’ve ever been to,” Feedbag, Jan. 26) because, as a Loyola University student,...

Letter to the Editor: An open letter to the student body

admin April 14, 2014

Dear Friends and Classmates, I wanted to reach out through the Greyhound to introduce myself as—hard to believe—our year draws to a close. If we haven’t yet met, my name is Cory Hodson, a member...

Letter to the Editor

Greyhound Opinions March 31, 2014

I’ve got a bone to pick with you so-called “editors.” Last week, I was lounging in my study reading The Greyhound, as is my custom, and was blind-sided by an error so heinous it made me vomit all...

Letter to the Editor: Response to Farm Bill article

Amanda Ghysel February 16, 2014

Over the weekend staff writer Caroline Noice reached out to me for a comment on the farm bill. While I applaud her for taking a crack at a serious and under-reported topic, I fear she missed the critical...

Letter to the Editor: Consent campaign empowers women and men

admin February 9, 2014

In last week’s controversial opinion piece, rape was described as an “omnipresent hypercommonality,” implying that rape occurs much less than it is actually talked about. In reality, 1 in 5 women...

Response to Ebmeier’s ‘Consent is sexy, but false allegations of rape are decidedly not’

admin February 6, 2014
The link between false accusations of rape and criticism of the “Consent is Sexy” campaign is attenuated at best. Believing that people are falsely accused of rape does not lessen the need for active, enthusiastic consent; it increases it.

Letter: Looking at the Cost of the New Dining Plan

September 9, 2013

I'm a huge fan of Loyola's new dining services. The "all-you-care-to-eat" option on nights and weekends is fantastic. As an upperclassman who went with the minimum number of declining dollars, I originally...

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